Houston Launch

Online Impound Auctions
Coming soon to Houston!
Joyride is partnering with towing companies and impound facilities to hold online auctions for their abandoned vehicles. These vehicles have never before been available online.
Expect hundreds of cars for sale every month of all damage levels. This is a great opportunity to buy salvage vehicles in bulk or to find a diamond in the rough. It is completely free of charge to participate in our auctions.
  • Junk cars - great for parts, catalytic converters and recycling
  • Damaged Late Model Vehicles - high potential for repair and resale
  • Hidden Gems - Project cars, exotics, and classics.
How to participate
1. Register on Joyride
Fill in your name, address, phone, and email. It is completely free of charge.
2. Join the auction
View and bid on vehicles free of charge. When you win, we charge a 15% buyers fee.
3. Pay & Pick Up
Pick up your car at the impound facility during the designated time. Pay the remaining balance in cash.

1. Can I sell my cars on Joyride?

Please email sellers@joyrideautos.com or call (415) 636-6493

2. Can anyone join the auction?

Yes the auction is open to the public

3. Is there a registration fee?

No. You can register and view all vehicles free of charge.

4. Will I pay for the car online?

No. When you win we will charge a 15% platform fee to your card on file. Vehicle payment is due in cash upon pick up.

5. How do I pick up the car?

Vehicles must be paid for and picked up within 48 hours following the auction. Buyers are responsible for vehicle pickup and transport.


Further Questions? Email support@joyrideautos.com

Fill out the form below and we’ll let you know when the auction is live