How to Flip / Resell Cars for Profit

How to Flip / Resell Cars for Profit

If you love cars and have the urge to try to make money flipping cars, it might be easier than thought to be.  Before purchasing a car, it is important to have a game plan.  The key to any game plan is understanding the amount of money and time required to flip a car for profit.  


Game Plan

For any car, the easiest way to understand its value is by first starting a Kelly Blue Book evaluation on the car.  By doing an evaluation, it will be easier to get a baseline for the car’s value on the open market (when in good running condition).


Once you have a baseline, the next step is understanding the costs for repair, restoration and registration fees.  This is where it is important to fully inspect the vehicle you are going to purchase.  Are there any interior or exterior damage?  Does the car have any mechanical issues?  Does the car need an interior detailing?  Are there any back registration fees?  Does the car pass smog?  All of these questions will be important to answer prior to your purchase as it can help you calculate the additional costs required to sell the car.


After doing the math, how much potential profit is there?  Does the amount make sense for the time and money?  This answer will vary depending on what you are trying to get out from car flipping.  Some car flippers focus on flipping as many cars as fast as possible so cars are priced competitively.  Other car flippers like to buy one car at a time and spend time on restoring the car to showroom quality.  What type of car flipper do you plan to be?


Where To Find Cheap Cars

Generally speaking, cars for sale can be found anywhere online.  Whether you decide to buy from Craigslist or Facebook, most of these cars are listed at a certain price and require expert haggling skills to lower the price.  Rather than trying to haggle on the price, vehicle car auctions may be the best way to get your foot in the door and strike a good deal.  If you find yourself wanting to try out an online vehicle auction, Joyride Autos can help.


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