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Sell your unclaimed vehicles for more with Joyride
Joyride, now integrated with Towbook

Maximize returns and minimize the vehicles in your lot.
We know dealing with unclaimed vehicles takes you away from building a profitable business. Joyride makes it easier to get fair market value for more unclaimed autos, faster. Our auction platform automates selling impounded vehicles in bulk, including lien processing and compliance, and provides on-demand sale progress updates.
  • List vehicles in minutes. The Joyride desktop and mobile app guides you through listing vehicles. Include photos, choose dropdown descriptions, and save your 100% electronic “paper” trail. Joyride automates the process, end-to-end, so you can sell sooner.
  • We bring demand. We target high value bidders, everyone you already know plus new buyers ranging from dismantlers to hobbyists found on social media.
  • Cut costs, grow returns. Operate your own impound vehicle auctions, process liens, and market to potential buyers nationwide, all without hiring any staff. In fact, Joyride reduces paperwork and time to sale, so you can more easily get value from the vehicles sitting on your lot.
How It Works
Vehicle Preparation
Send your vehicles from Towbook into Joyride. Work with the Joyride team to merchandise your vehicles.
Joyride runs your auction
Set your viewing window, auction date, and terms & conditions. We run the entire bidding process for you.
Payment & Pick Up
Joyride facilitates the payment and pick up process.
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