What are police impound and abandoned vehicle auctions?

What are police impound and abandoned vehicle auctions?


What are police impound and abandoned vehicle auctions?

Abandoned vehicle auctions are vehicles that have been left on the side of streets or in parking lots that are auctioned off weekly and monthly in cities and towns across the U.S.

The majority of these sales are hosted by towing companies. Towing companies are authorized to pick up and sell abandoned vehicles by their local governments. In general, these revenues are often used to offset impound costs and are sometimes shared with the local government.

While many vehicles found in these auctions are abandoned because they have broken down or no longer run, some can be restored to good operating condition for minimum cost and effort. Other times, abandoned vehicles can be found in excellent condition for reasons we can only imagine. Was the owner fleeing the country? Was it someone who passed away unexpectedly with no will? Or could it have been someone with a case of terrible forgetfulness?

The towing service or city does everything it can do to try to locate the owner of these vehicles.  However, after a set period of time, the city or tower will legally be allowed to place the vehicles into an auction.

How to Find Abandoned Vehicle Auctions Near You

  • Visit Joyride Autos Website
  • Talk to local tow companies
  • Talk to local police departments
  • Read the local newspapers for upcoming unclaimed vehicles auctions

How to Participate in Unclaimed Vehicle Auctions

The easiest way is by signing up on Joyride Autos to view available auctions in your area.  Otherwise, call your local tow companies and see what they have available.

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